Writing and the Body

This weekend, I’m preparing for a summer grad course on composition studies I’ll begin teaching in a couple of days, and I sketched out the chart below.

Developmental Writing

As an introduction to the course, I want to share with my students some ideas about how writing can be seen as an integrated performance dependent upon one’s ability to orchestrate other performances in the language arts, intellect, emotions, and the body.   In the teaching of writing, we tend to leap into a focus on grammar or process or grading or rhetoric or selecting the right textbook without acknowledging the foundational structures that influence and build upon one another to make possible our development as writers.  I take these to be universal and local conditions.  There are other conditions of course, such as social, political, and economic conditions that influence our abilities and desires to write, but here I wanted to focus on what we share and how the physical and sensing self is at bottom rarely recognized as the literal stage and apparatus of all writing.