Visual Agenda for Travel Writing

First Day Visual Agenda 1-16-2014


Here above is photo of handouts for tonight’s first class.  This semester,  I’m teaching an 8 week Travel Writing course culminates in a Spring Break trip to Rome.  Because I’ve used visual agendas before to some success, I thought I would create handouts with tonight’s lesson plan.

The class will be divided into two 55 minute sections with a 10 minute break.  During the first section, we’ll begin with a short video on Hulu from Rick Steves on Rome, and then move into the course requirements via the webpage I’ve built for the course.  I’ll review the 3 course texts, the 4 kinds of writing assignments, the oral presentation assignment, and the tour guide assignment.

In the second half of the class, I’ll focus on our excursion to Rome, reviewing our flight itinerary, our tentative daily schedule over 9 days, and the resources I’ve begun to develop on the course website.

Next, I’ll have students generate questions they have about the course and trip.  And I’ll close out the class with next week’s homework assignment.