Today’s Visual Lesson Plan for First-Year Comp

Visual Lesson Plan ENG 1301 10-2-2013

Here is the visual lesson plan I’ve mapped out on a large index card for today’s class.  We will start with in-class freewriting in our composition notebooks, and today I’ll be asking students to write about the times in their lives when they felt most free.  Next, I’ll ask students for any questions they may have about the class and assignments coming due.  Then I’ll review the homework for Friday, which will include a handmade response to the 3rd chapter of Craig Thompson’s graphic novel Blankets.  Next I’ll give a brief overview of 9 strategies for responding to literary texts (see below).  Then, a review of complex sentence strategies via sentence combining.  Next, students will share their written responses to Chapter 2 in Blankets, and we will conclude with a focus on the ways Thompson uses form by way of panel, line, and setting to highlight the themes of freedom and oppression in Blankets.

9 Reading Response Strategies copy