Three New Drawings

Three excellent handmade responses this week from students in English 1302 РWriting Across the Curriculum and English 2328 РIntroduction to Literature and Creative Writing.  Each drawing deploys one of the 21 handmade thinking formats to communicate a response in image, color, and word to an assigned reading.

This first drawing using a seesaw template is from a student in English 1302 responding to an essay by Jennie Yabroff titled “In Defense of Cheering” found in our course text They Say/I Say.

This second drawing from English 2328 is a portrait in response to Philip Booth’s poem “First Lesson” found in Good Poems by Garrison Keillor.

And this final drawing, a Venn diagram, is in response to “Rolls-Royce Dreams” a poem by Ginger Adams also found in Good Poems by Garrison Keillor.