The Problem with Advice

January 13, 2010

The Problem with Advice These Days

This cartoon was inspired by a site I was poking around in:–lots advice on writing, science, art, business, etc.  Out there on that internet thing, there’s plenty of room for folks giving advice, directions on life, self-helpfulness and all., too.

And this character I’ve created, “Tex,” is starting to grow on me.  I think of him as sort of my everyman, and even though he may speak once in awhile, I prefer that he be the silent film guy, like Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin, mostly a physical presence, expressionless as much as possible, except when necessary.  Besides, he’s pretty dang simple to draw, which is a real bonus for me.

The speech bubble here is also a new attempt, that is, a speech bubble extending outside the frame.  Not a new idea of course in cartooning, but new for me.  One of my favorite cartoonists, Ben Sargent, has great speech balloons.