The Chorus in a Drunken Boat

I’m happy to say that my comic poem “The Chorus” has been published in Drunken Boat 24.

This was a poem that I wrote for my wife and then converted into a comic using Powerpoint to create the panels, text, and simple images, most prominently a small white circle that repeats throughout.  Here are the first two panels.

Sample The Chorus Comic

Thanks to Nick at Drunken Boat for accepting my comic poem.

My other comic poems have been co-created with my daughter Myra, including an alternating comic composition here, an exposition of our collaborations here, a published comic in Ink Brick 3# here and another in Ink Brick #5 here.  Our comic “Blue” is also to be included in the “Language Meets Art” exhibition at LUHCA December 2, 2016 through January 28, 2017.

Myra and I also collaborated on an academic article “Drawing is Learning” in comic format in the Journal for the Assembly of Expanded Perspectives on Learning here.