Satellite Writing

Yesterday morning, I awoke from a fairly intense dream.  In this dream, I was a student in a graduate class or attending a conference session, I’m not quite sure.  In any case, the teacher/presenter was standing in the front of the room, and I asked if he could explain the relationship between the writing process and rhetorical stance.  He said, “Sure,” and begain to draw something like the image below.  That is, he drew the world of available rhetorical stances (or what I took to be range of discourse options) and then the process of writing (or what we in rhetoric call “invention”) as circulating around and engaged with that world.  In other words, the world we create in writing is always — to a certain degree — dependent upon the world already written.   That’s another way of saying that writers need to be readers.  Here’s a related link.  And another.

Satellitte Writing