Reading Railroad

The Reading Game - Rosenblatt

Here’s a drawing in response to Louise M. Rosenblatt’s chapter “Evoking a Poem” in The Reader, The Text, The Poem.  In this chapter, she details the reading process as follows:  “In the broadest terms, then, the basic paradigm of the reading process consists in the response to cues; the adoption of an efferent or aesthetic stance; the development of a tentative framework or guiding principle of organization; the arousal of expectations that influence the selection and synthesis of further responses; the fulfillment or reinforcement of expectations, or their frustration, sometimes leading to a revision of the framework, and sometimes, if necessary, to rereading; the arousal of further expectations; until, if all goes well, with the completed reading of the text, the final synthesis or organization is achieved” (54).  Whew!  And, hell yeah!  Roll again!

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