Reading Metaphor Iconography

Thursday, July 16, 2009.

In a post earlier this week, I mentioned that I need to develop a graphic vocabulary for the 5 categories of reading metaphors that I’ve developed.

Here’s a first go at that iconography:

Reading Metaphors Icons

As you see, I’ve changed the names of the categories slightly, including both verbs and nouns that correspond to the metaphor.

I also mentioned in that last post and other places that the core metaphor for reading is “movement.” Here is the icon for that foundational metaphor.

Core Reading Metaphor Icon

There are 2 other reading metaphors that follow from the “movement” metaphor: freedom and faith.   Here they are:

Reading is freedom and faith

Additionally, the 5 categories of reading metaphors above represent ‘positive” reading experiences of good readers; that is,

  1. they can actively enter texts;
  2. they absorb what they find there;
  3. they can make meaning out of texts;
  4. they easily travel to the places texts take them;
  5. they are transformed by what they read.

However, a struggling reader may not have these relationships with a text; that is,

  1. they can’t get into it;
  2. they have trouble getting it;
  3. they can’t make anything out of it;
  4. they can’t follow it;
  5. they aren’t affected by it.

What are the icons for these?