Pronouns Illustrated

Here are a few sample handmade responses from the first time students in this advanced English course on grammar have used this method for responding to a reading assignment.  In this case, chapter 2 of Constance Hale’s Sin and Syntax.

Click here for another version on slideshare.

The purpose of the handmade response is to promote reading engagement so that students will be prepared for class discussion of the assigned reading for the day.

The variety of visual formats chosen reflects student choice.  It is also interesting to see how students were attracted to the same citation.  The embedded metaphorical language in these citations, I think, easily recommends visual responses.  For more on handmade thinking and the 21 visual formats for handmade response, see this video or this link.

Oh, and here’s my drawing in response to the discussion of pronouns and narrative point-of-view:  “Point-of-View Park: Home of the Pronouns.”

Musgrove's Drawing