Post-It Generation in English

For their third assignment in my English 1301 class, students are to write a short literary analysis of Louise Erdrich’s Tracks or True Grit by Charles Portis.  By way of preparing for that assignment, I divided students into groups of three or four, and I distributed pads of post-it notes.  I asked each group to make lists of aspects of each novel and then post them on the whiteboard.  Then I asked the groups to examine what the other groups had posted, and then to post additional items they thought might be missing from the original lists.  Next I asked each group to return to their original posted lists and to prioritize the post-it lists in order of significance while also thinking about whether any further items needed to be added.  Finally, I asked students to begin outlining their literary analysis essays and told them they could return to the post-it notes on the whiteboard if they wanted to record any of the information the class had generated.