My Song Illustrated

After reading at the 2014 Texas Association of Creative Writing Teachers Conference  in Dallas, I had several nice comments from folks on a poem I read titled “My Song.”

Subsequently, I talked to my daughter Myra about illustrating it and turning it into a picture book or poster or both.   Here’s a draft sketch I drew of a comic version (with the poem divided by line or phrase) for what might be a color 11X17 poster with images drawn by Myra.

My Song Design Draft

And here is the version she created!

My Song Illustrated

What an amazing daughter I have.

We also divided the cartoon into 6 pages for submission to INKBRICK, a journal for comics poetry.

Soon we heard that it would be accepted for publication in INKBRICK #3.

Here’s a copy of the journal.

Front cover

And the back.

Back cover

The back cover also includes the contributors’ names.

Close up cover

This issue of INKBRICK has a special protective cover.

Two covers

And it unfolds into a double-sided poster.

Cover 1

The interior contains another comics poem.  Pretty cool, eh?

Cover 2Here below is the first couple of pages of the comics poem “My Song” by daughter Myra and me.
My Song Internal

And here is my collaborator, the mighty Myra Musgrove, with her own contributor’s copy.

Myra with InkBrickFor more on INKBRICK, a micro-press for comics poetry, run right over to