Mapping Kelton’s Pecos Crossing

Tuesday, June 16, 2009.

Among the things I wanted to do before our move to San Angelo, Texas in August to begin my position as English Department Head at Angelo State University was to read a novel by Elmer Kelton.  Kelton is a native Texan, author of more than 50 books, and winner of a record 7 Spur Awards from Western Writers of America.


Why a novel by Elmer Kelton?  When I first saw this position open up at ASU, I noticed that the English Department sponsored an annual writers conference in honor of Elmer Kelton. 

So this last weekend, I dropped by our local bookstore and picked up a copy of Pecos Crossing


Not only did I enjoy the adventures of Johnny Fristo and Speck Quitman, I got a nice geography lesson on the west central region of Texas.  Here is a map of Texas and the Edwards Plateau that I patched together after reading the novel.

Texas with Edwards Plateau

Also find below a map I’ve created through Google.  I’ve put placemarks with approximate locations of the main events of the novel.  The action starts with the southern most placemark near Del Rio and then moves north and west toward Horsehead Crossing on the Pecos.

View Pecos Crossing in a larger map

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  1. Laurence Musgrove Post author

    Two young cowhands, Johnny Fristo and Speck Quitman, try to get their winter pay from their boss Larramore. He tries to skip town. In subsequent tussle, innocent bystander Cora Haggard is accidentally shot and killed. Johnny and Speck are falsely accused and head west. Cora’s husband, Milam Haggard, retired Texas Ranger, vows vengenance.

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