Local Bird in the Flesh

Yesterday, my very own copy of Local Bird showed up at the house.

Local Bird Cover HoldI was most excited to see how the poems looked on the page.   Here below is “Deliberation,” a poem I wrote after our friends Jean and Steve told us a story about an animal communicator talking to rats.  Also on the facing page, “Learning,” a poem on learning by doing.

Deliberation and Learning Page

And here below are two poems from the 4th section, “Reading and Writing.”

Reading and In a Book

And here’s the first table of contents page.

Talbe of Contents Page

So, yes, I very much like the way the poems and text look on the pages.

Executive Summary Section Page

I was also curious about how the section title illustrations by daughter Myra would look in the collection.  Here’s a few more:

Reading and Writing Section Page


Local Bird Section Page


Here and Now Section PageI’m quite happy how all of this turned out, and once again, I’d like to thank Jerry Craven and Lamar University Press for the excellent editing, layout, and publishing of Local Bird.

And also to Myra for the wonderful drawings that have added so much to these pages.

Get your copy here!