Let’s Do Bananas

Today in my English 1302 class, I introduced the multivariable chart as one of the 21 formats for handmade thinking.  My daughter Myra is visiting San Angelo and attending my classes.  This is her drawing of me above.  Below are a couple more from the same class.  The first is a quick portrait of one of the students in the class, and the second is her drawing in response to a handmade thinking exercise I asked students to do on contemporary issues in sports.


The next drawing is of a student in my creative writing course, English 2328, as students were working in teams on another handmade thinking activity.

You can see more of Myra’s work at www.grade-b.net.

I’ve also included here some photos of these students working in teams in response to a poem they selected to analyze using three modes of response: personal, topical, and formal.