Illustrations for One Kind of Recording

I am putting together a collection of aphorisms I’ve composed over the last 8 years or so.  And like always, I’m interested in including illustrations in the book to accompany the words on the page.

I asked an artist colleague at school if he’d be interested in doing some illustrations.  He said that he didn’t think he’d have time, given all of the other projects he had underway.  He suggested that I do them.

Well, that led me to my iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil, and Adobe Draw, a fairly simple drawing app.  The drawings below are intended to be included in the collection, titled One Kind of Recording.

Lotus Ukulele square Lettuce pitcher book scales Compass Flower Arrangement knife Pear

I’m now pretty hooked on this drawing app and using my iPad for drawing.

Here below is a self-portrait that I’ll use for my homepage and other profile images.

LEM ink brush