Handmade Thinking on Nuremburg Laws

A nice email from Beth Crawford, a teacher at Shelby County Schools in Columbiana, Alabama, here below, plus some awesome handmade responses by her students.  She and her colleague Kathy Brotherton are using strategies from my book Handmade Thinking.


I wanted to share some of my students’ Handmade Thinking.  First of all, they were all excited about the assignment.  Secondly, it was hard to decide which I would select to share with you.  There were so many that were good.
The assignment was to read the Nuremburg Laws and put yourself in the place of a Jewish person during that time. They were given the rubric (three colors, the reading assignment, and a sentence describing), and I let them go.  These are 8th grade, identified gifted/talented students.  I have taught the majority of them for the three years they’ve been in middle school. So, there’s not a lot of, “would it be o.k. if…,” or, “do you want me to… .” 
They know I’ll say, “You may do whatever you wish as long as you follow the guidelines.”  Heaven knows they’ve heard it enough.
I’ve also done Handmade Thinking with my 7th grade students with A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Their work is  just as impressive. 
Thank you for this.


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Geneological Chart