Handmade Responses to Diary of Anne Frank

In a recent post, I mentioned that two teachers at Shelby County Schools in Columbiana, Alabama, were experimenting with Handmade Thinking in their classes.  Here is an email below from one of these teachers, Kathy Broughton, along with some incredible drawings from her students.  Click on the images for larger view.



Hi Laurence!

I wanted to share a few of my students ‘Handmade Responses’ with you. The students really enjoyed this project, and we are looking forward to another one when we start our next unit.

The drawings I sent are based on two different scenes from the ‘Diary of Anne Frank’. I gave each student a copy of your 21 visual format page, and explained the activity. Based on our Skype session, my focus was really more about engaging the students in the story, rather making this a strictly comprehension activity. (and I also think if they are engaged in the story, comprehension at a deeper level can follow- the visual format encourages that layered thinking).

When you are looking at the drawings,  keep in mind that Beth teaches “gifted” students- my classes are made up of different ability levels from special ed, ESL, and average to above average. That being said, I am VERY proud of my students and how their responses turned out! I would love your feedback-

Look forward to hearing from you!


Venn Diagram



Before and After


Pie Chart

Venn Diagram