Here’s a great poem “Listen” by Miller Williams.  I found it in Billy Collins’ edited collection Poetry 180, a text I’m using in my American Literature class.

 I was thinking about this poem at lunch time today.  It reminded me of how we send students off on assignments and how important it is that we are clear about the requirements of the task, its purpose, and our expectations about quality. 

It also reminded me of the times the administration here sends us out to fetch information or to complete a task without a clear definition of terms, process, or purpose.

Listen Doggy Framed

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  1. Laurence Musgrove Post author


    I like to believe that the 21 formats are pretty inclusive, and that just about anything anyone would draw would fit one or more of those formats.

    Your drawing for instance might be classified as a map, a spiraling timeline, and even a human ear!

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