Drawing English

Here below are two drawings I’ve been using lately to describe our offerings in the English Department at ASU.  I decided to draw these rather than use a PowerPoint because they are quicker to deploy on a classroom whiteboard or on paper when advising a student.  My ideas about using drawing and representative icons to present these programs were inspired by a VizThink webinar I attended 2 years ago and perhaps even more strongly by Dan Roam’s The Back of the Napkin.

4 majors in English

I draw the first to explain the four major programs, the English BA, the English BA with specialization in Technical and Business Writing, the English BA with Teacher Certification, and the English BA with specialization in Creative Writing.  I also mention that we offer minors in all but teaching.

Courses in English

I use the bar chart to demonstrate the number of courses student need to fulfill the minor and major programs.  The first bar on the left represents most students because 3 or 4 courses in English are already required in most undergraduate programs here.   If students chose a minor in English, they would need 2 or 3 more English courses.  The move from the minor to the major would be an additional 6 courses.

These drawings aren’t mean to speak for themselves, but by drawing these images, I know that I am more dramatically engaged with my presentation and my audience is more attracted to what I have to say as I place these images and words before them.