Opposed to Oppositions

Here’s a handmade response to Louise M. Rosenblatt’s “Epilogue: Against Dualisms” in The Reader, The Text, The Poem. The irony of opposing oppositions doesn’t escape Rosenblatt here.  The entire argument of her book is to argue against the subject/object split in human experience (her focus of course is the experience of reading literature), specifically the belief that the knower (or reader) and the known (the literary object) are autonomous entities or experiences.  By that I mean (she means) that a reader is as much defined by the work being read as the work being read is defined by the reader.   Each is conditioned by the other, as well as by the circumstances under which the reading takes place.

When we are asked to choose an “either/or” choice, we should respond with, “I’ll take both.”    Vanilla or chocolate?  A scoop of each.