Illustrating Developmental English Placement

Fall 2013 Developmental English Flowchart copyOK, if you care to look at this chart, click on it for larger view.  I include it here because I think it fairly represents a discussion I had today with my Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences, the Director of the Developmental English Program, and the Director of the Writing Center on the new placement procedures heading our way from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

In the past, we were able to hold students to local standards and place them into appropriate course work based upon ACT scores and TSI (Texas Success Initiative) completion.  Beginning this year, we can no longer use those local standards and must accept any student into first-year composition who comes to us with TSI scores that indicate college readiness.  Those students who do not quite make the passing score on the TSI (or those on the ‘bubble’) can be placed in non-course based (NCB) work.  All others would be placed in a developmental English course (our ENG 130C).

This afternoon’s discussion generated a number of unanswered questions, and this chart helped me think through the placement process and some of the questions I had about what we needed to accomplish to get ready for this fall.

By the way, the lack of drawing or visualizing issues and processes in meetings like this drives me nuts.  Every conference table should be a whiteboard.