Angelo State Poet Warriors

Here’s a final day photo of my happy poet warriors* in English 3356: Poetry and Poetry Writing.Class Photo 12 10 2015

And here is the soapbox Don Scott in Facilities Management at Angelo State made for me so my students would have a place to stand as they performed their poems in class.

Soap Box

Here is the syllabus for the course.

Syllabus Poster ENG 3365

More on the class here.

*”Poet warriors” is a term we used in class based on our reading in Pema Chodron’s The Places That Scare You wherein she describes the Buddhist concept of bodhichitta, the courageous and open-hearted consciousness necessary for authentic understanding and engagement with each other and the world.  Studying and writing poetry in this course were the paths we used to develop that kind of consciousness, or what is traditionally known as “the moral imagination.”