Adjectives and Adverbs Illustrated

Here above are a few sample handmade responses from the third time students in this advanced English course on grammar have used handmade responses for drawing their responses to a reading assignment.  In this case, chapters 4-5 of Constance Hale’s Sin and Syntax on adjectives and adverbs.

The purpose of the handmade response is to promote reading engagement so that students will be prepared for class discussion of the assigned reading for the day.  After sharing their  drawings, I also ask them to develop in teams a shared question about the reading assignment to prompt further discussion and closer analysis of the text.  Here below is a video of my students from today just as they are finishing the sharing and beginning to return to the text and develop their questions.

And finally, here’s my drawing in response to these chapters in which I try to visualize the degree to which adjectives and adverbs can modify other words and where they can be placed in relationship to those words.

Adjectives and Adverbs