A Visual Final

Cade Final

What would happen if you had students draw their final exam?

In lieu of a traditional final exam or paper, I asked students in my course “Visual Thinking, Narration, and Explanation” to create a comic, sketchnote, or infographic that represented the most significant things they learned in the class.  As you will see above and below, most chose the sketchnote format–which is logical given that they were drawing two sketchnotes daily in response to the reading assignments.  (For more on sketchnoting, see Mike Rohde’s book The Sketchnote Handbook here.)

Addison Final

Anokye Final Breedlove Final
Crenshaw Final Gardner Final Holly Final Hwang Final Sides Final Spratley Final

Connie Riddle Final

For more on what happened in this course, see here and here.  The syllabus is here.