A Tuesday Chicago Evening

Thursday, June 24, 2009.

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This last Tuesday evening, Marie-Clare and I took the Rock Island Metra via the LaSalle Street Station downtown to attend a workshop sponsored by VizThink for Chicago-area folks at the Catalyst Ranch.

Beforehand, we stopped off at Sushi Sai for some dinner–where I think I pulled a muscle in my hand trying to maneuver a chopstick.

And afterward, we still had some time to kill before the workshop, so we wandered about and discovered a gallery/exhibition space called Primitive.  Also, very cool.

Later, at the workshop, Joy Meredith welcomed us and about 10 other folks, including Brandy Agerbeck , a graphic facilitator and artist of Loosetooth.com and Tom Crawford, CEO of VizThink.  Joy gave a great presentation on “Me-Mapping,” and we drew our own “me-maps.” Here’s a photo Joy snapped and posted on Twitter.

After I described my interests in visual teaching and learning, Brandy and Tom recommended a number of resources, including Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics, Fran Claggett’s Drawing Your Own Conclusions, and Ed Emberley’s drawing book Make a World.  I’ll be adding them to our library and talking more about them here later.

vizthink chicago

I also volunteered to host the next VizThink Chicago meeting in late July at Saint Xavier before we head on down to Texas and ASU.

2 thoughts on “A Tuesday Chicago Evening

  1. austinkleon

    Glad you ran into Tom and Brandy — good people.

    UNDERSTANDING COMICS is a must if you’ve never read it!

  2. Laurence Musgrove Post author

    It just arrived in the mail this morning, so I’ll be tearing through it the next couple of days! When are those blackout prints going on sale? I got a birthday coming up.

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