A Poster Syllabus – Update

Update: Friday, July 31, 2015

Posters back from printer between texts.  I’ll be rolling these up and passing them out first day of class.

photo of poster with books


Original post: July 26, 2015

Last summer, I developed a comic book syllabus for a course I taught on comics.  Here is one of the pages from that syllabus.  I liked how that format forced me into boiling down the class information into the most basic descriptions of expectations.

Comic Syllabus image pages_Page_04

This fall I’ll be teaching an advanced creative writing class focusing on poetry and poetry writing.  For this class, I decided to create a one-page syllabus poster that will be approximately 17 X 22 inches, or about 4 times larger than a regular syllabus.  Once again, this format (while much larger) still provided some nice constraints that forced me into thinking about how I could be as direct and clear as possible about the course and expectations.  Click on the image below to enlarge and zoom in.

Syllabus Poster ENG 3365

First sketch:

First sketch