A Comic Draft for JAEPL

First Draft of Comic for JAEPL #20

The editors over at JAEPL are planning a special issue for their 20th annual issue, and they invited me among others to submit an article that “either updates or takes a retrospective look at the research you’ve done and the effect you believe it had not only upon your own scholarship and teaching, but on that of others.”

They asked for something between 4000-5000 words.  Given that I’m now teaching a graphic novels class that also asks my students to try their hand at drawing comics, I asked them if they’d take a comic from me that surveys the work I’ve been doing in visual thinking.

Here above is a photo of a 10 page rough draft of a comic I quickly sketched out today.  It’s tentatively titled “To Understand and To Be Understood: Drawing as Learning.”

Gosh, that was fun.

I’m wondering now if there are academic journals out there yet that only accept work in comic format.

What about it, Nick Sousanis?