A Comic Article Submission

Back in June I mentioned I was drafting an article in comic format for a journal.

And the 10 page draft looked like this:

First Draft of Comic for JAEPL #20And after struggling with the drawing of the comic for awhile, I decided it made more sense to contact my daughter Myra, an artist/illustrator living in Brooklyn, to see if she would like to be my co-author and translate my ideas into comic format.   Well, this last weekend, we finished a 12 page comic (show below) titled “Drawing is Learning: To Understand and To Be Understood,” and I sent it in to the editors of JAEPL this morning.

Drawing is Learning on TableAnd here below are a couple of pages in more detail: page 2 and the notes/resources page for which I decided to use notes rather numbers for the notes.


DisL11 (1)


Now we wait!