1st Reading Visuals from 1st Year Class

Monday, September 7, 2009.

Some time ago, I wrote about providing my writing students with strategies for responding visually to reading assignments.

I have just begun to have my first-year students practice those strategies. Here below are two drawings using the map format.  They are both responses to R. Buckminster Fuller’s “Spaceship Earth.”

Spaceship Earth by Fuller 001

Fuller Drawing 1


Spaceship Earth by Fuller 002

Fuller Drawing 2

The next three drawings respond to the introduction to American Earth, a collection of environmental writing.  The introduction is by Bill McKibben.  The first uses the timeline format, the second uses the web format, and the third uses the tree format.

Gage Ch 2 5

McKibben Drawing 1

McKibben Intro 6

McKibben Drawing 2

McKibben Intro 3

McKibben Drawing 3

The final drawing below responds to a selection on critical reading from our argument text The Shape of Reason by John T. Gage.  This drawing uses the web format.

Gage Ch 2 3

Gage Drawing 1

Here are the guidelines for reading visuals: